Kompleksi Exlusive 4

A beautiful pearl is beginning to be built at the entrance of the capital, in the place where “everything evolves” around it.

We have selected a strategic position, where all roads that links Prishtina with other cities of Kosovo are united, giving the complex the irreplaceable importance and visibility.

The complex is a perfect combination of glass and structural facade, as well as the green spaces surrounding it.

Adding our 10-year experience, where quality is not a compromise and where standards guide our vision, this complex will be a pearl that will give Prishtina more beauty.



  • EXDC designs the architectural structure and form of Exclusive Complex 4. The complex is a combination of business premises, offices and individual apartments.
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  • EXDC is equipped with a construction permit for the Exclusive Complex 4. The construction will begin on 01 November 2014 and is expected to be completed in December 2015
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  • Construction of Exclusive Complex 4 began today, which is expected to be completed according to the construction plan. We have contracted very serious companies that have already implemented other EXDC projects. We have always selected companies that have proven quality and accountability in many major projects in Kosovo and abroad.
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